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 Best Pencil Sharpener
  -Kikkerland Camera
  -Carl A-5
  -X-Acto KS
  -SB QuietSharp6
  -X-ACTO 1900
  -X-Acto School Pro
  -Charles Leonard
  -SB QuietSharp
  -X-ACTO Teacher Pro
  -Hunt Boston
Review of Carl A-5 Pencil Sharpener. Blue. Manual, Portable & Quiet For School, Office & Home Desk.

Check customer reviews and know more...

Pros - why some owners like the product (stars reflect how often the aspect is raved)
Performance The Carl A-5 Pencil Sharpener gives pencils a strong, precise and sharp point. Reviewers were surprised to see that as sharp as the point is, it does not easily break once you use it. The pencil sharpener also protects pencils from over sharpening.
Quality This is a solid and well built pencil sharpener that reviewers expect to last a long time. They say it is sturdy, durable and made of good, strong and high quality metal. Reviewers who are teachers said it lasted them an entire school year.
Easy to Use This pencil sharpener is easy to use, according to reviewers. It has a pencil clamp that holds the pencil in place while the user manually sharpens the pencil. Many reviewers have this pencil sharpener in their classrooms and they say it is easy enough for students to use properly.
Pencil Clamp Reviewers really like that this sharpener has a clamp to hold the pencil in place. They say it is intuitive and steadies the pencil so you don’t have to hold it or rotate it to keep an even point. Some reviewers said it may take some time to get completely used to, but overall it is easy to use and is a nice feature of the sharpener.
Cons - what some owners don't like about the product (stars reflect how often the aspect is complained)
Desk Clamp Most reviewers did not like the desk clamp that comes with this pencil sharpener. They said it is not long enough to sit into the base of the sharpener and does not fit on desks properly. Reviewers say the sharpener itself is sturdy enough and works well enough to use with out the desk clamp.
The Carl A-5 Pencil Sharpener is a great sharpener for the classroom, office or home. It is a sturdy and well built pencil sharpener that is made of strong and durable materials.
Reviewers say it works great and gives pencils a sharp, precise and strong point that does not easily break. The sharpener is easy to use and has a unique pencil clamp that holds the pencil in place to give it a well rounded and even tip.
Reviewers like the different colors the sharpener is available in and they say it would be a great product for anyone in need of a manual pencil sharpener. Check customer reviews and know more....
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